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July 2015 The NSW Government’s Public Reserves Management Fund (PRMF) has provided over $11 million across eight inland state parks, over three years, for sewer, power and water infrastructure upgrades. As part of these upgrades, the Trust is proud to help deliver fresh drinking water for Lake Burrendong and Mookerawa Waters. The Water Treatment Plants were completed in June 2015 and providing water to this standard will improve the experience of Park guests and is important to local communities.The following media reported the water treatment plant opening at Lake Burrendong:

May/June 2015 The Trust manages nine Inland Waters Holiday Parks throughout regional NSW. Eight of these parks are being ground truthed and improved over the next few years in preparation for long-term Master Plans which will provide a map for future park’ development over the next 10 years. The Inland Waters parks are important to local communities and the following media reported the ground truthing:

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