Approved Plans of Management

Evans Head
(*Formerly known as Silver Sands)
Plan of Management has been adopted

Following public consultation, the Plan of Management (POM) for North Coast Holiday Parks Evans Head (Formerly Silver Sands) has been approved and adopted by the Minister.

The Hon. Niall Blair MLC, Minister for Primary Industries and Minister for Lands and Water, gave approval of the POM in April 2016 following public exhibition of the draft plan from 26 May until 23 June 2014.

Shaws Bay pic
Adopted Plans of Management (POMs)
April 2016 NCHP Evans Head (*Formerly Silver Sands) (PDF)
January 2015 NCHP Shaws Bay (PDF)
June 2014
  • NCHP Ferry Reserve (PDF)
  • NCHP Massey-Greene (PDF)
  • NCHP Terrace Reserve (PDF)
  • Brunswick Heads Foreshore Reserves (PDF)

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